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Do you know us as Old Bridge Preservation Society?

It's still us!  We're still about the

Old Bridge ... and so much more!

We've changed our name

but not our mission!

Bridging our history and future through education and preservation



Since we began Old Bridge Preservation Society in 2010, we have worked to preserve the Old Bridge and its history as well as the memories and stories that go with it. Thanks to so many of you, that part of our mission has been a success. Now it's time for us to put some more work in on the history part of our mission.

We believe that our new name better reflects the continuing work that we are doing (and have been doing.)  History, after all, is the story of us--of an event, an era, a place, whatever we want to preserve. We want to preserve the history, not only of the Old Bridge, but the story of us, Sunset Beach, our community, our favorite beach, our town.


Visit our museum to see our latest exhibit, to experience the Tender House where the bridge was operated. Learn more about our history.

We're a little museum with a lot of stories!

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One way to look at history is as a collection of stories about people just like us who were in an interesting place at an interesting time. Check in to see new stories periodically. Maybe even share your own!